9 Months.

From August to May you’ll be a part of the Todd Becker Foundation Team traveling from state to state to share the life-changing truth of the Gospel!

Strengthen Your Faith.

As an intern, through weekly trainings from our staff, local pastors and nationally known teachers, you’ll learn how to base every life decision upon the Truth of God’s Word.

Serve on the Frontlines.

Throughout the internship, you will travel to churches and public high schools to share the Gospel of Jesus Christ with the lost and hurting in the community.

Travel the Midwest.

On a tour bus, you will see and experience the excitements of being used by God in communities all over the heart of the country.

Totally Cost Free.

Thanks to very generous donors, housing, food and travel are completely paid for to allow you and the other interns to focus on sharing the Gospel and growing in your own faith – not fundraising!

Become a well
rounded Christian.


The heart of this ministry always has been and always will be reaching the lost for Christ. Throughout the internship you will dig into several different trainings while learning how to share the Gospel. Utilizing several different teachings from well-known pastors and teachers and also from our staff's own ministry experience over the last nearly 20 years, you will leave feeling equipped to share the life-changing message of the Gospel in any situation or environment God brings you to.


This topic is becoming more necessary each day. We have developed several different trainings as a team to help shape your worldview with the Word of God as the starting point for your foundation. We will also address some of life's most important questions and how to answer them from a Biblical point of view. A highlight of the year is always when we attend an Apologetics conference that equips young people to give a defense for the Christian faith.

Living It Out

It's one thing to know all the right answers, but as we read in the scriptures, having the right answers means nothing if we don't back it up by the way we live. We know that God has a plan for every area of our lives, from our day-to-day relationships to our presence on social media, how we as Christians carry ourselves in the workplace and even how a believer handles their finances. Our Christian walk goes far beyond a one-night event or even a 9-month internship!

Biblical Tactics / Cultural Battles

You will learn how to engage the culture In love and boldness all while holding firm to the Truth found in the Bible. As we know you've experienced, it can be hard to take a stand on Godly principles and truths when it comes to sexuality and gender, race, and even dating and romantic relationships. We carefully and intentionally walk through these topics and many more that you are dealing with every day.

Personal Life

Your personal growth is just as important as your ability to minister to others. Because of this, we have set aside time each week where you will sit down one-on-one with a STINT leader to be discipled through personal, unique areas of growth for you as an intern. Walking through your own personal testimony and how God will use your story along with many other trainings about prayer, the Holy Spirit and digging deeper into God's word will surely strengthen your relationship with God!



STINT Director

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Men's STINT Leader

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Women's STINT Leader

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Women's STINT Leader

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